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Safety and Privacy - Your Data is Secure With Us!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hey there, creators!

qorner is a one-stop platform for influencers and content creators to easily manage their finances. We get that your financial information is really important and you have to be careful about uploading it onto a digital space. But don’t worry!

We value your privacy and your data is absolutely safe with us.

qorner has gone through rigorous checks and is a highly secure platform designed to protect your personal information while giving you a smooth user experience.

Here’s what we’ve done to make qorner a safe platform for creators -

1. It is approved by Google, Youtube and Facebook to safely connect your accounts & show your revenue

2. Our data centre is with Amazon & has bank-level AES 256 encryption

3. We never store passwords of your accounts

4. To boost security, you may also choose to set up an easy app lock system

To put it simply: keeping your data safe is an utmost priority for us. These layers of security are airtight, and we will never share your information with a third party.

From sending an invoice to tracking your streams of revenue across multiple channels, qorner has your back. We believe in transparency and providing creators with an efficient system for their financial management.

So, what are you waiting for? As you are making a name for yourself in the world of content creation, qorner’s here to streamline your accounting work and reduce the stress that comes with chaotic payments, tiresome invoices, or disorganised cash flows.

We are so excited to build relationships with the creators shaping the Indian digital landscape. With trust, innovation, and security, qorner is here for all your financial needs. Join us today!

Available for Android and iOS devices.

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