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Influencer Struggles: Organising Money, Money, Money!

Meet Shaina. Beauty vlogger, passionate reel-maker, and ambitious content creator. She’s been an influencer for the past two years, slowly cultivating her audience and personal brand across social media platforms.


Shaina hustles through her busy schedule while doing her best to stay innovative and cherish the creativity her job offers her. For the most part, she’s on top of things (if you ignore the occasional meme-scrolling procrastination). But things aren’t always easy!

Like most influencers, Shaina relies on multiple streams of revenue to sustain her work. That means she must devote time to iron out YouTube monetisation for her channel. She also has to keep track of her professional expenses so that she can save on her taxes. And of course, Shaina is always in conversation with multiple brands to work out collaborations and projects! Her finances are spread out over so many platforms and media.


After a brand reaches out to Shaina, they negotiate deliverables and the compensation she can expect. Once her videos and posts are uploaded, she must make an invoice and wait for the payment to come through. But brands often delay this, and the nitty gritties of monetary communication are tedious.

Particularly for longer collaborations, with an array of aspects involved - for Shaina this looks like some IGTV videos, Instagram stories, and YouTube tutorials - it’s difficult to keep track of staggered payments from brands.


Shaina’s always been an organised person. The new economy of lightning speed transactions with fellow creators, brands, and agencies has rapidly changing rules and practices. Accounts and bills scatter post-its on laptops, notes applications on phones, and infinite spreadsheets. Shaina’s system involves updating her notes app for each brand deal. She tracks how the project unfolds there, and uses third-party media agencies to streamline the actual transaction.

Sometimes, this means Shaina spends hours just aggregating information from different places. Elements of this accounting process are out of her control - partly beholden to her clients, AdSense and other social media policies.


Having this data all over the place is less a choice, and more an occupational hazard. The creator economy, especially in India, is disorganised, chaotic, and can be hard to navigate even for seasoned influencers. Financial etiquette is still being established today by diverse creators working with brands of all sorts as we move forward in a buzzing world where influencer marketing has exploded. Right now, influencers manage their finances -

On Excel spreadsheets and Google sheets

Through external media agencies

In physical ledgers

On notes applications of phones

With applications like QuickBooks Online, or Xero

But none of these is designed for influencers. None of these is designed for Shaina’s needs.

Here at qorner, we empathise with influencers like Shaina. We understand that being a creator in 2021 is not easy. qorner is here to change that. Because wouldn’t things be so much simpler if you could keep track of all your finances in one place? No more lost invoices or delayed payments. No more forgotten professional expenses costing you thousands in taxes. qorner is a financial studio that helps creators manage their business and supercharge their growth. Get on the waitlist today!

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