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💸How To Track Your Payments Using qorner

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

👋Hey there creators!

Are you tracking your earnings the old school way? Excel sheets, notebooks, voice notes? Just stop! These systems are tedious, and much more vulnerable to silly mistakes or accounting problems.

As a growing influencer, your time is valuable, and an organised system to track your payments will save your energy and hours.

With qorner's payment tracking feature, all you have to do is to add the details of the person & the amount you need to collect from them.

It will not only automatically keep a track of the payment, but also qorner will remind you when the payment is due. These simple changes can be hugely beneficial in reducing the number of things you have to remember, and cutting down on your stress.

You can also choose to send a payment reminder via Whatsapp or email to speed up the payment.

Once you can track your payments on the app, clients will also be able to recognise and respect your punctuality and efficiency. This is really important to cultivating a reputation of professionalism that will have brands coming back for more, and ensuring nobody holds up payments due to you.

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