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How To Talk To Your Audience: IG v Twitter v LinkedIn

Each social media platform is different. The interface, format, majority audience, and streams of popular content on every social networking site creates and supports their own kind of content and engagement.

If you’re serious about building a sustainable online presence, it’s imperative that you tailor your approach to each platform and understand its workings. To make better connections with your audience, it’s a good idea to optimise your content strategy for the platform you’re using. Take advantage of the variations in these social media platforms to explore different parts of your target audience, and different facets of your brand.


What is your brand voice?

Your brand voice emerges directly from your brand identity. The core of your personal profile online - both in terms of genre (is it gaming or business advice? Fashion or social justice?) and in terms of your style (do you use humour and satire? Do you like to keep things positive and motivational? Do you show your quirky personality?) - stays the same. But adapting it to match the expectations of audiences on different platforms can help you grow.


Twitter’s requirement of conciseness in 280 characters is well-known. But beyond clarity and meeting that target, remember that Twitter is all about interaction. Of course links, photos, gifs, and media are always welcome additions to a Tweet, at its heart, Twitter is about starting conversations.

Get people engaged with what you’re saying, and you’ll quickly find new and interesting additions to your idea. Twitter is great for humour, wittiness, thought-provoking questions, and interesting observations. Remember to keep it real: people want to hear your authentic voice on Twitter, and don’t do well with unnecessarily professional or formal writing.


The more you connect with your audience, the more likely you are to get retweets and expand your reach. Use polls, hashtags, and media to foster interactions and humorous responses to your tweets.


Unlike Twitter, LinkedIn allows for and encourages long-form posts where you can share insights, experiences, and stories that are read all the way through. People want to get to know you and the idea you’re interested in sharing, so talk about your process and journey as a creator.


Strike the right balance between polished and professional, and approachable and honest. LinkedIn is a more formal platform than Instagram or Twitter, so make sure you’re matching the energy you see of fellow content creators. Linkedin is also a space where you can pitch yourself to brands for potential collaborations, so share a side of yourself that’s passionate, genuine, and sensitive to the experience of content creation.


Instagram is arguably the birthplace of influencers and influencer marketing in its most popular form. The digital platform’s infrastructure prioritises the visual over most other forms of content. Aesthetics play a big role in determining your success on the platform. Visually pleasing content is more likely to perform better and reach the right audience.


Your tone can be playful, fun, and honestly, depending on your brand voice, you can do pretty much anything with your captions and supporting text. Instagram is all about expression - so don’t be afraid to strike a serious tone to grapple with complicated subjects, and a fun one to share happy content.

Think about congruence between your feed and aesthetic, and your voice on the platform. The two should complement each other, rather than a tone feeling superimposed or fabricated for a particular purpose.

Use tactics like polls, stories, hashtags, and quizzes to understand how your audience uses Instagram as well, and study your analytics to see what your followers like about your personal profile.

In conclusion,

No matter what platform you’re using, it’s your brand voice that matters and should shine through. Curate templates for yourself to use on each platform, but keep the core issues and patterns of engagement consistent. So, get out there and build your following across platforms today!

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