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⚡How to Raise An Invoice Using qorner

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

👋Hey there creators!

Making an invoice is a necessary task to get paid and establish a strong professional reputation as an influencer. But sometimes, it can be a hassle to sit and input data into an Excel file for hours, and making human mistakes can hold up your payment for months. Let's learn how to raise and share professional Invoices using qorner, hassle-free.

Using the app’s invoicing feature, follow these simple steps to generate your own invoices in minutes:

1. Add all your details like your address, Pan card number, GST as required by your client

2. Add the details of the brand or agency, directly from your saved contacts, along with its address, Pan card number, GST

3. Add details of the deliverables specifying what work you did, a breakdown of costs, itemised lists and so on

4. Add your preferred payment instructions like your bank account details, UPI ID or other specifications you’d like to make clear

5 Sign it, and you're done!

You can then share the Invoice PDF over Whatsapp, e-mail and other platforms per your convenience.

This payment will be automatically added to your revenue dashboard. That means you can track when it has been fulfilled, and your process of accounting is that much easier!

And, you just have to do this once! After you’ve punched in your personal information and payment details, the app will save them. That way, the next time you have to make an invoice, just press ‘more’ to duplicate any Invoice in just 1 click.

So, what are you waiting for? Managing your finances has never been more efficient for influencers. Get started at qorner today, and simplify your life.

👉Available for Android and iOS devices.

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