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How To Be A Consistent Creator

Content creation is much more fluid and flexible than a conventional career. It might seem like sharing bursts of inspired posts full of value would keep your audience engaged. But if you’ve been making content for some time now, you know that’s not a sustainable approach to social media. Everybody says ‘consistency is key,’ and today, we’re unpacking our 4 methods to help you develop a content strategy that is reliable and strategic in the long run.

1. Make A Content Schedule

Audiences are interested in influencers only if they can build a relationship with the stories and information influencers choose to share. Erratic one-off posts do not show your personality, knowledge, or passion no matter how impactful these posts are. To build a relationship, you must show up consistently with intent and authenticity.


The first step to cultivating a reliable, regularly updated social media presence is making a content schedule. There’s plenty of applications and online task-masters to help with this. Notion, Evernote, Asana, Airtable, and Trello are all great platforms to organise and structure a content calendar. The important thing is to pick one. Shuffling between platforms, scattering your ideas over Notes apps and documents just increases the meaningless work you have to do.

Your content schedule should be structured keeping in mind your long-term goals, but breaking these goals down into actionables. Be realistic about your time. If 2 posts a week sounds doable for your next 6 months, stick to that, don’t have weeks of daily posts followed by radio silence.

Systematically jot down any idea that comes to mind, you never know how you could bring a stray thought to life. Creative inspiration is difficult to force, but that’s what makes organisation so critical to the process of creation. Don’t flood an audience with everything you know about one topic only to be left the next week asking yourself, well, now what?

2. Focus on Your Output, Not Just Its Reception

Once you have settled on a posting schedule, focus your attention on the quality of content you’re putting out there each week. Of course, analytics of how your followers respond to your content should be reflected in your work, but if you do not reach X number of likes or new followers, that’s no reason to cut down posting or get disheartened.


Your ethic and consistency in following a schedule take priority over the outcomes of your content. An audience will respond positively to your dedication and regularity. That’s how trust is formed.

3. Be Creative With Your Ideas, Repurpose Content

If a series or theme of content is working for you and your audience, think of different ways you can present similar content. For each idea, map out what short-form and long-form content would look like, because not only does this signal your knowledge and value, but also different people prefer different formats. See if a static post can be expanded into a comedic take in a reel, or if a Twitter thread you wrote could be repurposed into a full-fledged Youtube tutorial.


In fact, by showing multiple perspectives on the same idea, you invite your followers to share their own thoughts or preference of one style or philosophy over another. And this way, you can really get deep into a topic or product and do them justice!

4. Breaking Down The Importance of Consistency To Brands

Brands look for authenticity and consistency when they’re striking deals and establishing collaborations. For their product to sell, they look for influencers who can deliver high ROIs and fulfil expectations. As a creator, it’s a good idea to show that your followers are listening to what you are saying.


If you’ve been following a schedule for a while, two things happen. First, brands get the sense that you’re serious about your work and unlikely to embarrass or back out at the last minute. Second, they can also view you as a potential long-term collaborator, with whom they can fine-tune their marketing strategies based on audience engagement.

And that’s it! You’re all set to foster long-lasting relationships with your audience and your personal brand. As James Rohn said, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

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