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Going Live on Instagram: How To Grow Using Analytics

Until May 2021, Instagram did not have analytics available for Instagram lives. Its recent update has changed that, and with this new information, Instagram Live has become a powerful tool you can use to grow in creative, strategic new ways. Today, we’re going to walk you through how to use these analytics to boost engagement, solidify your personal brand, and explore different forms of content that will keep your audience hooked.


But first, what are Instagram Live analytics?

At this point, it’s likely that you’ve attended a Live or two - perhaps it was a Q&A with your favourite influencer, an interview, a launch, or just a conversation between friends. Maybe you’ve hosted your own Live, too, and seen first-hand how Lives can be wielded to get talking with your followers.

Instagram Live analytics give you an overview of your performance in terms of numbers - it tracks, analyses, and collects data from the times you go Live. This information is crucial in helping you structure a strategic content strategy, and ensuring that you are optimising your time on Live to the fullest.


Why should I use Instagram Live analytics?

Data-driven content strategies are more effective and sustainable in the long run. If you’re serious about your growth as a creator, analytics can help you become self-aware about what’s connecting with your audience, and what’s not.

With this, you can empower yourself to become a more careful, intentional, and strategic creator.

And the best part is - you’re comparing your performance to yourself, which is not arbitrary like comparisons to other creators, but just a useful learning tool in your journey and the refinement of your personal brand.


How do I find Instagram Live analytics?

Since Instagram Live analytics are part of the larger Instagram Insights, you must have a creator or business account to access analytics for your Lives. If you go to Insights > Overview > Accounts Reached, you’ll see that Live videos also factor into the data available to you.

Alternatively, you can see your Instagram Live analytics once you’ve finished your Live. Just click the “View Insights” option once you’re done, and voila! You should get a breakdown of what your reach and engagement is like immediately after.

What will Instagram Live analytics tell me?

There are 4 metrics you will be given.

(i) Total accounts reached: from start to finish, how many users dropped into your live and stayed for any amount of time

(ii) Peak concurrent viewers: what is the greatest number of users who were watching your video at the same time i.e. at its most trafficked, what was the peak engagement in terms of views

(iii) Comments: how many comments did your Live get

(iv) Shares: how many times did someone share the link to your Live

What can I do with Instagram Live analytics?

The best thing about Instagram Live analytics - or analytics in general - is that it lets you optimise your content strategy. In other words, data helps you figure out what you’re doing right, by telling you when your audience responds most strongly to the work you’re putting out there. So, Instagram Live analytics helps you experiment to maximise your reach. You can play with this in 3 ways -


(i) Format

What kind of Live videos do you usually host? If you’re used to AMAs or just casual conversations, try more structured interview formats, or invite your peers to come join and see what happens.

(ii) Timing

Try out a couple of different times on different days and see if people tend to tune in and participate more on a particular day. If they do, then you can set a time that works for your audience where they tend to be free.

(iii) Video Tools

Experiment with filters, selfie mode, and other in-built video tools to the extent that it fits your brand voice. These can be fun, engaging, and throw open a conversation that feels authentic and approachable for your audience, which is precisely the function of Lives.

And there you have it! With this information and your personal brand, you are all set to take the stage on Instagram Lives and make a mark.

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