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Creator Studio for Instagram: A Complete Guide

Creator Studio is Facebook’s platform for helping creators manage their Instagram and Facebook accounts. If you’ve been putting out content for a while, you know that analytics and planning your posts are central to having a sustainable online presence - creator studio is the way in which you can make that happen.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what creator studio is, and how you can use it to optimise your content specifically for Instagram. There’s many things the creator studio makes possible such as scheduling posts, engaging with your followers, monetising content, and collaborating with brands - and we’re going to walk you through how the tool is designed to help you get the most out of your online presence.

Where to access Creator Studio

If you’re on a laptop or PC, just head over to business.facebook.com/creatorstudio and you’re all set to access the Creator Studio. Users on iOS or android mobile devices can download the dashboard directly from the respective play or apple stores.

Creator Studio for Instagram

Hit the instagram logo on the top right hand corner of the Creator Studio dashboard to access its features. The first time you do this, you will have to connect your accounts. To use the Creator Studio, you must have a creator or business account.

Creating a Post

Creator Studio only lets you create carousel posts, regular feed posts, or IGTV videos. For feed posts or regular posts, Creator Studio lets you upload an image, caption, tagging, location and so on just like a regular instagram post. You can also go to additional settings and choose to switch comments off and so on. The blue button at the bottom lets you decide whether you want to post it immediately or if you want to wait and schedule the post for a later time. Further, you can choose to post it to just Instagram or Facebook as well.

For IGTV videos, you can upload a video directly to your Creator Studio or import it from a video you’ve already posted to your Facebook page. Next, much like on the Instagram app, you will be able to select a cover image for your IGTV video, add a description, and choose where it will appear - in people’s feeds, or just as an IGTV video. Once again, you have the option to save it as a draft, schedule it for later, or get it out there to your audience immediately.

Content Library

Your content library is a record and collection of all the posts, stories, reels, etc that you’ve uploaded to your Instagram account. You can sort and filter your content to see posts by date or the nature of the post. You’re also able to search for specific posts and go between types of content. When you click on ‘view post,’ you’ll get a rundown of how the post performed.


The calendar is a simple tool which displays all your scheduled posts and uploaded posts in one clean interface sorted either by week or month - based on your preference.


Here, you can access your insights for the past 7 days of posting on Instagram. The application lets you see upto 30 days prior, but the interface of the Creator Studio may be easier to use based on your preferences. Insights are organised as activity (which tracks your posting, website use, interactions, reach) and audience (which is a breakdown of your follower’s demographics in terms of their location, gender, and online timings). Another useful tool provided by Creator Studio is the ability to export your data for any 90-day period either for stories or for feed posts, IGTV videos etc.

Influencers who are serious about optimizing their content will definitely see the value of Creator Studio. It’s highly accessible, and makes a higher level of strategization possible for your content, which is always a welcome addition. From creating a content schedule, to understanding your analytics and performance, Creator Studio can help influencers become power users - and this can boost your growth on the platform. Rather than turn to an external third party application, Creator Studio has the ease that makes Instagram such a popular platform, along with the well-thought out tools that can help you take your content to the next level.

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